[Commits] [svn:einsteintoolkit] GRHydro/trunk/ (Rev. 202)

bcmsma at astro.rit.edu bcmsma at astro.rit.edu
Fri Dec 31 12:54:31 CST 2010

User: bmundim
Date: 2010/12/31 12:54 PM

  interface.ccl, schedule.ccl
  GRHydro_Boundaries.F90, GRHydro_CalcUpdate.F90, GRHydro_Con2PrimM.F90, GRHydro_Con2PrimM_pt.c, GRHydro_PPMM.F90, GRHydro_Prim2ConM.F90, GRHydro_Reconstruct.F90, GRHydro_ReconstructPoly.F90, GRHydro_RegisterGZ.cc, GRHydro_RegisterVars.cc, GRHydro_TmunuM.F90, make.code.defn

 RIT MHD development:
  Revert previous commit changes to schedule.ccl
  Merge MHD and GRHydro routines: 
     Boundaries, CalcUpdate, PPM, Reconstruct(poly), RegisterGZ,
  Solve a few race conditions arising in the "magnetic" routines.
 This is still being tested, since it passes tests with intel
 compilers but fails for gnu ones.
  Alias function GRHydro_Con2PrimM_pt for C2P2CM test.

File Changes:

Directory: /trunk/src/

File [modified]: GRHydro_Boundaries.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_CalcUpdate.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_Con2PrimM.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_Con2PrimM_pt.c
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_PPMM.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_Prim2ConM.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_Reconstruct.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_ReconstructPoly.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_RegisterGZ.cc
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_RegisterVars.cc
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_TmunuM.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: make.code.defn
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

Directory: /trunk/

File [modified]: interface.ccl
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: schedule.ccl
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

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