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cjordan at cct.lsu.edu cjordan at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Sep 16 20:24:07 CDT 2010

User: cjordan
Date: 2010/09/16 08:24 PM


 corrected a slight error in the mail list links that caused the mailman interface to not show list listings

File Changes:

Directory: /toolkit/community/

File [modified]: index.php
Delta lines: +3 -3
--- toolkit/community/index.php	2010-09-02 18:09:01 UTC (rev 322)
+++ toolkit/community/index.php	2010-09-17 01:24:07 UTC (rev 323)
@@ -7,17 +7,17 @@
 <li> <p><a href="mailto:users at einsteintoolkit.org">users at einsteintoolkit.org</a>:
   Primary list for the Einstein Toolkit including user questions and developer discussions.
-		<br> [<a href="http://mail.einsteintoolkit.org/mailman/listinfo/users">Subscribe</a>][<a href="http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/users/">Archive</a>]</p>
+		<br> [<a href="http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/mailman/listinfo/users">Subscribe</a>][<a href="http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/users/">Archive</a>]</p>
 		<li> <p><a href="mailto:commits at einsteintoolkit.org">commits at einsteintoolkit.org</a>:
 			All commit messages to the Einstein Toolkit SVN are posted to this list. 
-				<br> [<a href="http://mail.einsteintoolkit.org/mailman/listinfo/commits">Subscribe</a>][<a href="http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/commits/">Archive</a>]
+				<br> [<a href="http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/mailman/listinfo/commits">Subscribe</a>][<a href="http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/commits/">Archive</a>]
 <li> <p><a href="mailto:users at einsteintoolkit.org">announce at einsteintoolkit.org</a>:
 For broadcasting general news and information about the Einstein Toolkit for those not wanting to see the traffic on the users mail list.
-		<br> [<a href="http://mail.einsteintoolkit.org/mailman/listinfo/announce">Subscribe</a>][<a href="http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/announce/">Archive</a>]</p>
+		<br> [<a href="http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/mailman/listinfo/announce">Subscribe</a>][<a href="http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/announce/">Archive</a>]</p>

Directory: /info/documentation/

File [modified]: send-account.php
Delta lines: +2 -2
--- info/documentation/send-account.php	2010-09-02 18:09:01 UTC (rev 322)
+++ info/documentation/send-account.php	2010-09-17 01:24:07 UTC (rev 323)
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
 $institution = 'at '.$institution.', ';
-$message = "Einstein Toolkit maintainers: \n\n".$name.", ".$position.$department.$institution."has submitted a request for a test account for the Einstein Toolkit. His or her email address is ".$email.". ".$mentionadvisor." \n\n Thanks,\n Einstein Toolkit Request Bot\n";
+$message = "Einstein Toolkit maintainers: \n\n".$name.", ".$position.$department.$institution."has submitted a request for a test account for the Einstein Toolkit. Her or his email address is ".$email.". ".$mentionadvisor." \n\n Thanks,\n Einstein Toolkit Request Bot\n";
 /* PHP form validation: the script checks that the Email field contains a valid email address and the Subject field isn't empty. preg_match performs a regular expression match. It's a very powerful PHP function to validate form fields and other strings - see PHP manual for details. */
 if (empty($name)) {
@@ -56,4 +56,4 @@
 <br /><br />
-<?php include_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/global/footer.php');?>
\ No newline at end of file
+<?php include_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/global/footer.php');?>

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