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 NSF awards \todo{list them somewhere}.
 \subsection{Simulation Factory}
-\todo{1/3 page Erik}
+It is unfortunate that today's supercomputers differ significantly in
+their hardware configuration, available software, directory structure,
+queueing system, queuing policiy, and many other user-visible
+properties. In addition, the system architectures and user interfaces
+offered by supercomputers are very different to those offered by
+laptops or workstations. This makes performing large,
+three-dimensional and time-dependent simulations a complex and time
+consuming task with a steep learning curve. However, most of these
+differences are only superficial, and the basic capabilities of
+supercomputers are very similar; most of the complexity of managing
+simulations lies in menial tasks that require no physical or numerical
+The Simulation Factory \cite{Thomas:2010aa, SimFactory:web} offers a
+set of abstractions for the tasks necessary to set up and successfully
+finish numerical simulations based on the Cactus framework. These
+abstractions hide tedious low-level management operations, they
+capture ``best practices'' of experienced users, and they create a log
+trail ensuring repeatable and well-documented scientific results.
+Using these abstractions, most operations are much simplified, many
+types of potentially disastrous user errors are avoided, and different
+supercomputers can be used in a uniform manner.
+Using the Simulation Factory, we are able to offer a tutorial for the
+Einstein Toolkit \todo{cite} that lets new users download, configure,
+build, and run full simulations of the coupled Einstein/relativistic
+hydrodynamics equations on a supercomputer with a few simple commands.
+The exact same set of commands can be used on all other supported
+supercomputers to run the same simulation there.
 \todo{1/3 page Ian}

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