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 Add grant numbers

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 \todo{Frank, ADDME}
 The Einstein Toolkit is directly supported by the National Science Foundation
 under the grant numbers 0903973/0903782/0904015 (CIGR).
+\todo{NSF OCI 0721915 ``Alpaca'', NSF OCI 0725070 ``Blue Waters'', NSF
+  OCI 0905046 ``PetaCactus'', NSF OCI 0941653 ``PRAC''.}
 Results presented
 in this article were obtained through computations on the Louisiana Optical
-Network Initiative under grant LONI\_CACTUS05, as well as the NSF Teragrid
-under grant \todo{?}.
+Network Initiative under allocation loni\_cactus05, as well as the NSF Teragrid
+under allocation TG-MCA02N014 \todo{DOE, HLRB, LRZ}.

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