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 template for request answer for loni account

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+Thank you for your request for an Einstein Toolkit demonstration
+account. Please go to <https://allocations.loni.org/login_request.php>
+and request a LONI account. Enter "Frank Loeffler" as your LONI
+Contact/Collaborator. Enter "Einstein Toolkit" as your research area.
+You do not need to enter a Globus DN.
+(If you read XX here, this email was not properly created, it should
+ be two numbers!)
+Please use the user name 'ettestXX'. This account is only meant for
+testing the Einstein Toolkit and will be removed within one to two
+months, without warning, and possibly including all stored data.
+Once you have received your account (hopefully within one or two
+days), go to <https://allocations.loni.org/balances.php> and log in.
+Select "Request Allocation" on the right hand side, and then "Join
+Allocation". Enter "Frank Loeffler" and then select the
+"loni_cactus06" allocation. This will be approved within one or two
+days, and you will receive an email confirming the allocation.
+Note that this allocation is reserved for running the examples for the
+Einstein Toolkit, please limit your total usage to 2 kSU. If you need
+more resources once you reach 2 kSU, feel free to contact the toolkit
+maintainers for suggestions on where you might find a real allocation
+for your work. We also may remove you from the allocation if you have
+used over 2 kSU, but you will still be able to access all your data
+and files. The user guide for Queen Bee is at
+If you continue to use the Einstein Toolkit, please join our
+consortium by signing up at
+<http://einsteintoolkit.org/about/members/join>. Please also write to
+<users at einsteintoolkit.org> if you have problems or questions about
+the examples.

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