[Commits] [svn:einsteintoolkit] GRHydro/trunk/ (Rev. 473)

rhaas at tapir.caltech.edu rhaas at tapir.caltech.edu
Mon Feb 11 10:30:07 CST 2013

User: rhaas
Date: 2013/02/11 10:30 AM

  interface.ccl, param.ccl, schedule.ccl
  GRHydro_Con2Prim.F90, GRHydro_ENOReconstruct_drv.F90, GRHydro_Eigenproblem.F90, GRHydro_Eigenproblem_Marquina.F90, GRHydro_HLLE.F90, GRHydro_Marquina.F90, GRHydro_PPM.F90, GRHydro_PPMReconstruct_drv.F90, GRHydro_Prim2Con.F90, GRHydro_TVDReconstruct_drv.F90, GRHydro_UpdateMask.F90, GRHydro_WENOReconstruct_drv.F90

 * add option to reconstruct temperature to GRHydro
    This does not yet work with the MHD part of the code,
    but Philipp is going to change this.
  * Improve TOVSolverHot; in particular, give functions unique
    names to avoid duplicate symbols with TOVSolverC
 From: Christian Ott <cott at bethe.tapir.caltech.edu>

File Changes:

Directory: /trunk/src/

File [modified]: GRHydro_Con2Prim.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_ENOReconstruct_drv.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_Eigenproblem.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_Eigenproblem_Marquina.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_HLLE.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_Marquina.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_PPM.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_PPMReconstruct_drv.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_Prim2Con.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_TVDReconstruct_drv.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_UpdateMask.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_WENOReconstruct_drv.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

Directory: /trunk/

File [modified]: interface.ccl
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: param.ccl
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: schedule.ccl
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

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