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 add Tanja as emeritus

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@@ -84,5 +84,16 @@
+<h2>Einstein Toolkit Maintainers Emeritus</h2>
+<p>These individuals at some point were active Einstein Toolkit Maintainers. They may still
+be active users or even active main developers, but they stepped down from the
+duties of a toolkit maintainer mentioned above.</p>
+<table border="0">
+ <tr valign="top">
+    <td><img width="150" src="tanja.jpg" /></td>
+    <td ><b>Tanja Bode</b> is member of the Theoretical Astrophysics Section in Tuebingen (TAT), working on the physics of neutron stars.</td>
+  </tr>
 <?php include_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/global/footer.php');?>

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