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Sat May 7 14:07:07 CDT 2016

2 new commits in EinsteinAnalysis:

Changeset:   944a13804378
Branch:      None
User:        tanja.bode at physics.gatech.edu
Date:        2016-05-07 19:06:25+00:00
Summary:     AHFinderDirect: Added warning in parameter checking

Currently setting find_every_individual to unequal
frequencies is incompatible with moving origins.
Fix is non-trivial without breaking other features,
so a warning was inserted for the time being.

Affected #:  1 file

Changeset:   b0ae753339c6
Branch:      rhaas/fix-on-off-mask
User:        rhaas80
Date:        2016-05-07 19:06:31+00:00
Summary:     AHFinderDirect: change scheduling from global to global-early

schedule maybe_do_mask local instead of global loop-local so that it is run
at the correct time for find_every != 1 to work. This makes it necessary to
schedule find_horizons and all other global routines global-early since they
would be called after the local routines otherwise.

Affected #:  1 file

Repository URL: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/einsteinanalysis/


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