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Date: 2017/05/09 01:10 PM


 change ET test account contact persion

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File [modified]: request_email
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--- documentation/request_email	2017-02-02 17:27:57 UTC (rev 1698)
+++ documentation/request_email	2017-05-09 18:09:59 UTC (rev 1699)
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
 account. Please go to <https://allocations.loni.org/login_request.php>
 and request a LONI account. Use an email address connected to your
 affiliation, independent providers like yahoo or google will not be
-accepted. Enter "Frank Loeffler" as your LONI Contact/Collaborator.
+accepted. Enter "Steven R. Brandt" as your LONI Contact/Collaborator.
 Enter "Einstein Toolkit" as your research area. You do not need to
 enter a Globus DN.
@@ -37,4 +37,4 @@
 Please also don't hesitate to write to <users at einsteintoolkit.org> if
 you have problems or questions about the examples.
-Frank Löffler
+Steven R. Brandt

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