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Tue May 23 14:36:17 CDT 2017

3 new commits in EinsteinInitialData:

Changeset:   67fe45974004
Branch:      None
User:        knarrff
Date:        2017-05-23 19:27:21+00:00
Summary:     determine the condition of whether to set temperature and electron fraction from their storage status

Affected #:  1 file

Changeset:   eabcfaae735f
Branch:      None
User:        knarrff
Date:        2017-05-23 19:31:07+00:00
Summary:     turn eos precision into a parameter

Affected #:  2 files

Changeset:   0ee0b291a264
Branch:      parma
User:        knarrff
Date:        2017-05-23 19:36:11+00:00
Summary:     Meudon_Bin_NS: add parameter to use eps from Lorene data instead of recomputing it (making sure everything is consistent)

Affected #:  2 files

Repository URL: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/einsteininitialdata/


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