[Commits] commit/PITTNullCode: Roland Haas: SphericalHarmonicReconGen: update test data after 3b23a6b

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Mon Jan 22 20:59:50 CST 2018

1 new commit in PITTNullCode:

Changeset:   6b25e9bfaf45
Branch:      master
User:        Roland Haas
Date:        2018-01-23 02:57:40+00:00
Summary:     SphericalHarmonicReconGen: update test data after 3b23a6b

the difference is small enough that using gcc it is within the allowed
error but for Intel compilers (possibly only on some hardware) the error
exceeded tolerances

Affected #:  63 files

Repository URL: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/pittnullcode/


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