[Commits] commit/EinsteinInitialData: Roland Haas: Hydro_InitExcision: recreate better spher_pugh_pmm test

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Tue Jul 31 10:16:11 CDT 2018

1 new commit in EinsteinInitialData:

Changeset:   5bbca9cd63ad
Branch:      rhaas/hie_better_test
User:        Roland Haas
Date:        2018-02-03 03:49:20+00:00
Summary:     Hydro_InitExcision: recreate better spher_pugh_pmm test

* increase resolution signficantly
* place shock at the sphere initiall so that the proper code is tested
* run for only 1 step

Affected #:  123 files

Repository URL: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/einsteininitialdata/


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