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Sat Nov 30 21:20:55 CST 2019

2 new commits in EinsteinEOS:

Changeset:   aee1ca92c6d6
Branch:      None
User:        Roland Haas
Date:        2019-11-30 23:06:23+00:00
Summary:     EOS_Omni: add sanity checks when requesting an EOS handle

this cannot be done in ParamCheck since at that point is not yet known
which EOS will actually be used

Affected #:  8 files

Changeset:   836d72d5f3e4
Branch:      rhaas/eos_sanity
User:        rhaas80
Date:        2019-11-30 23:06:23+00:00
Summary:     EOS_Omni: allow only sane parameter ranges in param.ccl

this can make some parameter files break that used insane values for EOS
types that were not actually used

Affected #:  1 file

Repository URL: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/einsteineos/


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