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Fri Nov 20 13:32:18 CST 2020

4 new commits in EinsteinInitialData:

Changeset:   856a8da30af7
Branch:      None
User:        rhaas80
Date:        2020-11-11 23:59:24+00:00
Summary:     TwoPunctures: probe only region in betwen punctures in PUGH test

this avoids issues with large errors when finite differencing across the

Affected #:  126 files

Changeset:   80c7e2998e17
Branch:      None
User:        rhaas80
Date:        2020-11-12 17:18:31+00:00
Summary:     TwoPunctures: activate InitBase thorn in Carpet test

Affected #:  1 file

Changeset:   d64a56131c14
Branch:      None
User:        rhaas80
Date:        2020-11-12 18:11:57+00:00
Summary:     TwoPunctures: update unigrid test to avoid punctures

Affected #:  80 files

Changeset:   210751b8713c
Branch:      ET_2020_11
User:        rhaas80
Date:        2020-11-13 21:22:31+00:00
Summary:     TwoPunctures: avoid bad points

Affected #:  71 files

Repository URL: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/einsteininitialdata/


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