[Cosmoparticle-wg] DE as GR+structure; inhomogeneous cosmology postdoc with deadline 2018-04-06

Boud Roukema boud at astro.uni.torun.pl
Wed Mar 7 15:47:19 CST 2018

hi all,

For people who don't know me, Elo and I and some other colleagues
organised a small workshop in Torun in July 2017 on the cosmology side
of GR, with one of the hot questions being whether or not dark energy
is just a misinterpretation of forcing an oversimplified (FLRW)
family of metrics onto cosmological observations:
We are still far from consensus in answering this question - and ET is likely
to play a major role.

I haven't (yet) used ET non-trivially yet, although it's high on my
priority list. As I presently understand it, the questions of what is
Newtonian vs what is GR vs what is a numerically and analytically
reliable calculation are presently a lot less-well resolved than
published-paper abstracts often claim. My group's results (all
software is free-licensed, see my pdf in the workshop proceedings
above and follow the links) favour a quite easy production of the
"extra" 16% expansion (scale factor) required at the present epoch to
match observations (with an LCDM proxy), by taking structure formation
into account. The relevant length scale is close to the standard
extragalactic non-linear scale, a few Mpc, established observationally
since the 1980s.

Apologies if the following is off-topic, but we have an inhomogeneous
cosmology postdoc position available here at Nicolaus Copernicus
University with an application deadline of 6 April 2018:


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