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#131: Cactus produces way too much output with SILENT!=no
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 I frequently find me scrolling through a lot of not necessary output from
 Cactus, including a lot of divider lines (___). I propose a mechanism to
 disable most of that output. There is currently one parameter which
 influences the amount of output from Cactus. If SILENT is set to 'no',
 Cactus provides way more output. All other values produce the usual output
 (including not setting it). I propose to use this existing variable to
 make Cactus less verbose if SILENT ist set to 'yes'. The default is
 'undefined', so this would preserve the default Cactus behaviour.

 The attached patch attempts to do this: it suppresses divider lines, pre-
 and postprocessing infos if SILENT='yes'. I don't like that name though,
 as this is still not really silent, as you will still see one line per
 compiled file (ala COMPILING /home/frank.loeffler/mcrt/src/main/Banner.c),
 but I don't have a better idea right now and could live with it. The other
 option would be to introduce another variable (e.g. BRIEF), but then BRIEF
 and SILENT could contradict each other.

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