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#82: Add thornlist default to defs.local.ini.simple
  Reporter:  barry.wardell@…           |       Owner:  mthomas
      Type:  enhancement               |      Status:  closed 
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 Component:  SimFactory                |     Version:         
Resolution:  fixed                     |    Keywords:         
Changes (by hinder):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => fixed


 The thornlist has been added to defs.local.ini.simple in revision 1021.

 In revision 1021, omitting the thornlist leads to the error:

   "Error: machine macbook is missing a required key: thornlist".

 It would be better if this was before the configuration step, but not
 critical.  However, suggesting that the *machine* is the place for the
 thornlist is bad.  Instead, I have detected the missing thornlist
 condition and added the error message:

   Error: No thornlist supplied.  Use --thornlist <thornlist> on the
 command line or set thornlist = <thornlist> in the [default] section of

 in revision 1022.

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