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#139: Existing symbolic links not deleted
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Comment (by anonymous):

 I didn't test this, but I don't like the -n option so much. Imagine the
 base Cactus source tree residing within a symlink - that is not unusual,
 at least not for me. Now GetComponents might try to create a symlink to
 some repository directly within that directory - which is a symlink - and
 overwrites the symlink to the whole Cactus checkout.

 For reference: "-n: treat destination that is a symlink to a directory as
 if it were a normal file"

 We could use the -n option if we can be sure that the destination is
 always the real destination, e.g. instead of (I didn't check if it is
 doing this):
  ln -fs path/source .
 it could execute
  ln -nfs path/source ./source

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