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#164: Support user directories for configuration files
 Reporter:  hinder       |       Owner:  mthomas
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 It would be nice to have a separate simfactory directory for all user
 customisations rather than mixing them in with the code.  This way, one
 can update simfactory (or delete/recheckout) without having to extract all

 Here is one possible solution:

 Allow the user to specify a "sf-config" directory (maybe there is a better
 name) in the defs.local.ini.  Any configuration files, for example mdb
 entries, scriptfiles etc, should be searched for under sf-config first
 before looking in the standard location.  One could then set

 sf-config = simfactory.user

 and put local machine definitions and scriptfiles and modifications to the
 standard ones which are never going to be committed.  One could keep the
 same directory structure under simfactory.user as is in simfactory, or it
 might be better to just search for files in that directory, since all the
 files should have different names, and an extra hierarchy is just

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