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#176: Test parameter files without running them
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 It would be useful to be able to check that the parameters of a run are OK
 before running it.  Since there can be long queue times on supercomputers,
 it would be good to do this on a local machine which might not have as
 much memory as is required for the full run.  Currently, running the job
 would cause memory exhaustion on the smaller machine.

 One solution would be an additional command-line argument to Cactus
 --exit-after-paramcheck which stops the run cleanly after the PARAMCHECK
 Cactus bin.  This is preferable to a new Cactus parameter, as it would not
 require the parameter file to be modified.  One could imagine this also
 being potentially used by simfactory automatically when submitting a job
 (though this would only work if you could run MPI executables on the head

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