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#180: Reduce disk space used by checkpoints
 Reporter:  hinder       |       Owner:  mthomas
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 Currently simfactory stores the checkpoints for each restart in their own
 directory.  This means that the Cactus mechanism for deleting all but the
 most recent N checkpoints does not see the previous checkpoints.  This
 means that you can easily run out of quota space when doing very long

 One solution to this would be for SimFactory to store the checkpoints in a
 directory above the output-NNNN directories and make the current
 checkpoints directories under output-NNNN symbolic links to the common
 directory.  This way, all restarts would see the same directory for
 checkpoint files, and Cactus could clean up the old checkpoints.  The
 current hardlinking mechanism would not be required any more.  This
 solution might be undesirable because it means that each restart is no
 longer independent.

 Another solution would be to give simfactory an option to delete old
 checkpoint files from previous restarts when a job starts.  This would
 duplicate the functionality already available in Cactus.

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