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#205: Running on Requin fails
  Reporter:  eschnett    |       Owner:  mthomas
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Comment (by barry.wardell):

 This problem was preventing my jobs from running on Datura too. I tracked
 it down to CleanupRestarts() which gets called in main() in sim.py. (Why
 does this need to be called every time SimFactory is run?)

 When the queueing system starts the job, it calls the submit script which
 executes 'sim run ...'. CleanupRestarts() checks if active_id != -1, which
 it is not as it has already been set to 0. It then calls finish() for that
 restart so that it is no longer active by the time the runscript is run.

 I don't really understand the code well enough to suggest a solution,
 although removing the CleanupRestarts() call from sim.py is sufficient to
 get my job to run.

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