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#264: Reference Manual gives wrong include file for CCTK_TerminateNext
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Comment (by roland.haas@…):

 Are you sure about this? I just tried adding CCTK_TerminateNext(n); to a C
 source file
 (EinsteinInitialData/Hydro_InitExcision/src/Hydro_InitExcision.c from
 trunk) and it fails to compile with "warning: implicit declaration of
 function ‘CCTK_TerminateNext’". Doing a 'grep cctk_Termination.h' in
 src/include only finds it in the file cctk_Termination.h.
 Since this is just a warning the code compiles (and links eventually)
 unless one make missing prototypes an actual error (or compiles user
 -std=c99), but there is no checking of parameters (eg. one could call it
 without passing cctkGH which would likely crash the code).

 Reading your explanation I think my bug report should be changed to say
 that cctk.h fails to inlucde cctk_Termination.h then

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