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#265: simfactory sync fails with special ssh keys
 Reporter:  anonymous        |       Owner:  mthomas   
     Type:  defect           |      Status:  new       
 Priority:  critical         |   Milestone:            
Component:  SimFactory       |     Version:  ET_2010_11
 Keywords:  simfactory sync  |  
 If I invoke rsync manually, e.g. by:

 rsync -e "ssh -i .ssh/id_rsa-login-damiana"  lu32vak at hlrb2.lrz-

 rsync works sucessfully.

 I have set the following for hlrb2 in simfactory/etc/mdb/hlrb2.ini

 sshopts         = "-i /home/alibeck/.ssh/id_rsa-login-damiana"
 rsyncopts        =  "-e \"ssh -i /home/alibeck/.ssh/id_rsa-login-

 Then I am getting the following message:

 Executing: /bin/bash -c "{ :; } && { :; } && ssh -Y lu32vak at hlrb2.lrz-
 muenchen.de mkdir -p /home/hlrb2/pr32pi/lu32vak/tester/programme/Cactus-
 Luca/Cactus && rsync --rsh='ssh -i /home/alibeck/.ssh/id_rsa-login-damiana
 alibeck at login-damiana.aei.mpg.de \"/bin/bash -c '\''{ :; } && ssh -i
 /home/alibeck/.ssh/id_rsa-login-damiana'\''\"' --rsync-
 path=/home/hlrb2/h0152/lu78kog/rsync-3.0.4/bin/rsync  -e "ssh -i
 /home/alibeck/.ssh/id_rsa-login-damiana"  --archive --hard-links --sparse
 --verbose --progress --partial --stats --compress --delete --delete-
 excluded --filter 'protect *.pyc' --filter 'protect *.log' --exclude
 '_darcs' --exclude 'CVS' --exclude 'doxygen' --exclude '.#*' --exclude
 '.DS_Store' --exclude '.git' --exclude '.hg' --exclude '.svn' --exclude
 '*~' --exclude '*.pyc' --exclude '*.log' CONTRIBUTORS COPYRIGHT Makefile
 arrangements lib repos simfactory thornlists src lu32vak at hlrb2.lrz-

 The string
 ..."&& ssh -Y lu32vak at hlrb2.lrz-muenchen.de mkdir -p
 /home/hlrb2/pr32pi/lu32vak/tester/programme/Cactus-Luca/Cactus &&"...

 indicates that at some place sim tries to login without using my ssh-key.
 This is where sim tries to make the mkdir in advance. Later on the rsync
 command created by sim seems to be correct.

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