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#303: expand $1 and $2 in GIT_REPO,DARCS_REPO,HG_REPO
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 I propose to apply the patch below to allow $1 and $2 to be expanded in
 GIT_REPO etc. this allows for things like:

 !TYPE     = git
 !URL      = $USER at numrel.org:/home/numrel/arrangements/$1/$2
 !REPO_PATH = ../$2

 to check out both SoundSpeed an TotalRestMass, which are both separate git

 Without the patch one has to repeat the whole $TARGET stanza for each and
 every thorn (since each thorn is a repository) only changing $1/$2 to

 I tested the patch with einsteintoolkit.th and the resulting checkout
 (using --parallel) is identical with and without the patch.

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