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#304: SimFactory should not clean-up so aggressively
 Reporter:  hinder      |       Owner:  mthomas
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 As far as I can tell, SimFactory 2 currently cleans up all simulations
 every time it is run.  This is not scalable - if you are running with a
 slow production filesystem, just statting all the simulations could take a
 very long time.  Similarly, if you do a sim sync, it currently cleans up
 all the simulations on your local machine, as well as the remote machine.
 Running sim --help even cleans up all your simulations!

 This behaviour is very counter-intuitive (certainly not what a user would
 expect) and not suitable for production systems.  I propose that
 simfactory should only clean up the simulation which is being referred to
 in the current command.

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