[ET Trac] [Einstein Toolkit] #295: Simfactory (python version) not able to submit jobs on bluedrop.

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#295: Simfactory (python version) not able to submit jobs on bluedrop.
  Reporter:  diener@…            |       Owner:  mthomas
      Type:  defect              |      Status:  closed 
  Priority:  blocker             |   Milestone:         
 Component:  SimFactory          |     Version:         
Resolution:  fixed               |    Keywords:         

Comment (by mthomas):

 I used the rate limit mechanism i built into simfactory a few revisions
 ago to accomplish this. When this timestamp exists, simfactory under no
 condition will attempt to clean up the simulation until this timestamp
 reaches a certain age. The only change I had to make was when makeActive()
 is called by a restart (a restart gets flagged as active), I create the
 timestamp in the simulation. This ensures that any change to active
 prevents cleanup for at least 30 seconds.

 I understand what you're saying, though, and I'll separate the simulation
 submission process from the cleanup rate limiting mechanism. I'll commit
 that change shortly.

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