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#659: vip.rzg.mpg.de: Internal Compiler Error: Insufficient storage
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Comment (by knarf):

 An internal compiler error is essentially always a bug in the compiler. In
 this particular case, it might be a good idea to contact the compiler
 developers and report this problem, as it should be easily reproducible.
 Apart from fixing a possible bug, they might know some workaround.

 All that could be done from out side is to guess what is going wrong, and
 to try to find a workaround by changing the way formaline creates these
 files. This has already been done by, e.g., splitting them up into smaller
 chunks. Maybe they are not small enough for this compiler. You could try
 to find something that works by playing with the values $items_per_line
 and $items_per_file in Formaline/src/util/makeblob.pl

 Although - now looking at how my Formaline files look like: are you sure
 you use a recent version of Formaline? I only have a thorn-BLAS.c, within
 scratch/Formaline/, plus a lot of thorn-BLAS-xxxx.c with xxxx being
 integers and containing the actual data.


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