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#665: CarpetIO* output parameter format error
 Reporter:  baiotti@…                  |        Type:  enhancement              
   Status:  new                        |    Priority:  minor                    
Milestone:                             |   Component:  Cactus                   
  Version:                             |    Keywords:  syntax for variable names
 Even if it is an unofficial feature, the output parameter format for
 public variables, e.g.:


 should be accepted. Instead, I found that when requesting output as

 IOASCII::out1D_vars  = "TestOutput::testoutput"

 for a *public:* or *protected:* variable group of the type:

 CCTK_REAL testoutput[nvar] type=GF TimeLevels=1 Dim=3
 } ""

 where nvar is an integer parameter and the thorn name is TestOutput and
 differs from the implementation name, Carpet complains that

 WARNING[L1,P0] (Cactus): CCTK_TraverseString: invalid group/variable name
 'TestOutput::testoutput' in traversed string 'TestOutput::testoutput'
 WARNING level 0 in thorn IOUtil processor 0 host mbaiotti2-2.local
  (line 140 of

  ->  error while parsing parameter 'IOBasic::outInfo_vars'

 For *private:* arrays of variables it works.

 I attach an example thorn and parfile.

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