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#670: commit 166d77a440a5 and b5f8b4ff16fb does not compile with gfortran
 Reporter:  rhaas   |       Owner:  eschnett
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 I get the following error messages (the second commit changes
 make.code.defn to activate code from the first commit):
  In file

       type(superregion2), pointer, intent(out) :: sregion
 Error: POINTER attribute conflicts with INTENT attribute at (1)

 this happens with gfortran 4.2 on a red hat 5.7 system (eg. the cct
 machines or my workstation at Caltech or (former workstation at) GT). I
 attach the full make output (with many more errors).

 Looking at the fortran code it states that:
   ! Note that using intent on pointer arguments requires fortran 2003.
   ! It is not allowed in fortran 90 or 95.
 I tried setting std=f2003 in gfortran (see make.log) but apparently this
 is not sufficient for gfortran 4.1.2

 I am not which other fortran compilers are affected. If we keep this then
 we will have to make very clear all user realise that Carpet requires
 Fortran 2003 and a fairly new gfortran compiler (or intel) not just
 Fortran 90.

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