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#791: Output timer tree as XML
 Reporter:  hinder       |       Owner:  eschnett
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 The attached patch to Carpet adds a parameter (off by default) which
 outputs the timer tree from each process to an XML file in the output
 directory at the end of the run.  The output looks like this:

 <timer name = "main"> 7.7702
   <timer name = "CallFunction"> 0.000241
     <timer name = "thorns"> 0.000233
       <timer name = "CaKernel_FreeDevMem"> 0.000221
         <timer name = "PostCall"> 2e-06 </timer>
         <timer name = "PreCall"> 1e-06 </timer>
   <timer name = "CarpetStartup"> 0.00982
     <timer name = "AllocateGridHierarchy"> 5e-06 </timer>

 An alternative schema would be to have the name and timer value as
 subelements; i.e.


 The <children> tag might not be necessary, but might make it easier to
 parse.  Having one file per process is not ideal; we would like to add
 reductions across processes to give min, max, average, standard deviation
 etc, also for the standard output display.

 OK to commit as a work-in-progress?  We can change the schema later if it
 turns out to be easier to deal with.

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