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#465: Hydro_InitExcision test cases take a long time
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Comment (by rhaas):

 Sure. The reason we need the shock to pass into the excised region is to
 trigger some if statements inside of GRHydro so that we actually cover the
 code we want to test? The lines of code to check for are in the modified
 PPM scheme (trying to make sure not to remove the interesting code pieces
 from the test)? I'll throw in a couple of write(*,*) to check that we
 cover the same branches (or more) of the if statements before and after
 the change. Would that be sufficient? Would it be possible to star the
 shock so that it already overlaps the excised region (also: most of the
 slowness was due to user error on my part, mainly running with 2-processes
 4-threads-each on a quad core machine. Not sure about unoptimized

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