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#798: allow calculations in parameter assignments in parameter files
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Comment (by eschnett):

 A few questions:

 What about fmod integer operations? Why don't they use % directly?

 You use ^ for exponentiation; this is maybe confusing in a C-like syntax.
 Can you use ** instead?

 Are two-argument functions supported? If so, fmod and pow could be used

 Are there test cases for all of this? I imagine a parameter file that
 exercises most of this, including some corner cases. A new thorn in the
 CactusTest arrangement would be appropriate.

 Is -inf recognized?

 I see that ! is supported. What about & | ^ && || etc.?

 What are the _ and @ operators in the table?

 Note: I am not making requests here (except for test cases). I'd like to
 know what you think, and open issues can go into a TODO list.

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