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#798: allow calculations in parameter assignments in parameter files
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      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  review
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Comment (by rhaas):

 sigh. Error checking is hard and humans have a funny idea of what a
 logical syntax for math is. Anyhow attached please find a patch that makes
 things a bit easier.

 1. somewhat useful error messages
 1. a test suite
 1. some fixes in the priorities of operators (should now be essentially as
 in C, though associativity is likely different eg for {{{**}}})
 1. properly handles multi-char operators now
 1. {{{**}}} for power
 1. handles nan/inf/-inf/-nan
 1. fixes a bug where the first state transition happened twice (is an
 issue for tokens that may not repeat)
 1. I've left fmod in for now (forgot to rewrite the macro to take a type
 as argument as well, have to do some real work now). Also what I wanted to
 say in the last post is that the behaviour of '%' is implementation
 dependent, but fmod() is not and for this reason I would prefer fmod()
 with integer arguments over '%'.

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