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#686: Handle requirements recursively
  Reporter:  eschnett  |       Owner:  bmundim   
      Type:  defect    |      Status:  assigned  
  Priority:  major     |   Milestone:  ET_2012_05
 Component:  Cactus    |     Version:            
Resolution:            |    Keywords:            

Comment (by bmundim):

 I have attached a cleaner version of the original patch, now taking into
 account that #685 has been applied. I have also split the patch in 3
 pieces corresponding to the 3 files modified just for clarity.
 The changes are basically the following:

 1) The ConfigScriptParser.pl patch only add the include statements
 appearing in the configuration.ccl.
 In my opinion is ready to be applied.

 2) ConfigurationParser.pl patch simply implements logic regarding illegal
 capabilities names. I would
 suggest to modify the error message to emphasize that it is its name that
 it is illegal: "Illegal optional capability name ..."

 3) CreateConfigurationBindings.pl patch implements the recursive requires
 per se. The logic seems correct and it doesn't break current
 configuration. However I haven't tested enough to say about
 corner cases (eg A requires B that requires C that requires A). The logic
 is there, but I haven't
 tested. I would recommend to apply this patch after someone take another
 look (it is much cleaner now).


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