[ET Trac] [Einstein Toolkit] #768: Change per thorn -DTHORN_IS_xxx to a per thorn -I bindings/include/xxx

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Tue Apr 24 14:56:42 CDT 2012

#768: Change per thorn -DTHORN_IS_xxx to a per thorn -I bindings/include/xxx
  Reporter:  sbrandt      |       Owner:              
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new         
  Priority:  optional     |   Milestone:  Cactus_4.1.0
 Component:  Cactus       |     Version:  Cactus_4.0.0
Resolution:               |    Keywords:  build system

Comment (by eschnett):

 This patch fails for me when I build with DEBUG=yes. The errors look like

  /home/eschnett/Cvanilla/src/include/cctk.h(309): error: identifier
  "CCTK_THORNSTRING" is undefined
                   __LINE__, __FILE__, CCTK_THORNSTRING,

  compilation aborted for /home/eschnett/Cvanilla/configs/sim-
  debug/build/CactusBindings/Variables/ADM.c (code 2)

  This is because the auto-generated file ADM.c includes cctk, which
  static inline functions that use CCTK_THORNSTRING. However, at the
  including place this is not defined.

  I can see three solutions:
  (1) require every place that include cctk.h to define CCTK_THORNSTRING
  (possibly explicitly)
  (2) augment definethisthorn.h to define CCTK_THORNSTRING to "no thorn
  active" if no thorn is active
  (3) put some preprocessor logic into cctk.h to ensure CCTK_THORNSTRING is
  defined there

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