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#713: Implement "Conformal Covariant Z4" formulation in McLachlan
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Comment (by barry.wardell):

 Replying to [comment:17 eschnett]:
 > All all combinations of "formulation" and "conformalMethod" correct? I
 thought that Z4 assumes the phi method? Or does it also work with the W

 Yes, the concept of conformal method and formulation are orthogonal. Dana
 used the W method in all of her tests because that is what she used
 previously with BSSN, but I double checked with her and there is no reason
 not to expect the phi method to also work. The Z4 terms are just
 additional terms on top of the existing BSSN system.

 Replying to [comment:18 hinder]:
 > Is there a performance difference between BSSN before and after this
 I expect the performance impact to be minimal as it is just a couple of
 additional IfThen[...] constructs, but will double check this with a

 Replying to [comment:20 hinder]:
 > Yes, which is exactly what the Issue page says.
 So, should I manually do this in the McLachlan script until it is built
 into Kranc?

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