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#1192: Speed up Hydro_InitExcision test cases
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 Hydro_InitExcision sets up an excision mask for hydrodynamics evolution.
 It is active at initial and poststep (and postregrid), and its logic
 depends only on parameters, not on the simulation state.

 Its test cases take a very long time to run:

 (1) Running this for 100 iterations with PUGH is overkill. 1 iteration
 suffices, testing both initial and poststep.
 (2) The excision mask is not even output! Instead, only the indirect
 results on the hydro variables are tested.
 (3) All test cases use PUGH, so Carpet's postregrid bin is not tested.
 (4) Each test exists three times, for different reconstruction methods.
 The reconstruction methods do not enter into this thorn's logic.

 I conclude: The existing tests confirm that this thorn has the right
 functionality. They are therefore important. However, they should not be
 in the Cactus test suite.

 We want regression tests in the Cactus test cases, and this could be
 achieved about 100x faster (fewer iterations, fewer test cases).
 Additionally, there should be Carpet tests, and the excision mask should
 be output.

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