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#1196: Improve performance of Multipole interpolation
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 For codes which don't use OpenMP, the interpolation of a large number of
 points by Multipole limits performance in some situations.  One workaround
 is to reduce the number of points, and possibly use one of the more
 accurate integration methods which is already implemented.  Multipole
 performs interpolation by calling the standard Cactus interpolation API.
 To increase the speed of interpolation, Multipole could be modified to
 implement the interpolation interface from CarpetInterp2.

 I understand that the standard Cactus interpolation interface is not
 provided by CarpetInterp2 because more information needs to be passed than
 the interface allows.  Was this just the fastest way to get something
 working, or is it really a fundamental problem?  I thought that the major
 difference was that CarpetInterp2 computes and stores interpolation
 weights from the coordinates so that they can be used again in subsequent
 interpolations to the same points.  Could the standard Cactus
 interpolation interface be used for this, perhaps by passing a table entry
 which says "store the interpolation coefficients for these points for
 later reuse"?  This would allow existing codes to use faster interpolation
 without having their interpolation code rewritten to use the new

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