[ET Trac] [Einstein Toolkit] #1201: Incorrect dtshift in Exact with shift_add_{x, y, z} parameters

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#1201: Incorrect dtshift in Exact with shift_add_{x,y,z} parameters
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 The Exact thorn has shift_add_{x,y,z} parameters for adding a constant to
 the shift. Considering these as a coordinate transformation using a vector
 v^i = [shift_add_x, shift_add_y, shift_add_z], such a transformation
 should affect both the shift and its time derivative. This is because the
 time derivative in the new coordinates differs from the time derivative in
 the old coordinates by a term v^j d(beta^i)/dx^j. This is correctly
 implemented as a 4D coordinate transformation in the EinsteinExact thorns
 and I have verified that the difference relative to the Exact thorn is
 given by this missing term.

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