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#713: Implement "Conformal Covariant Z4" formulation in McLachlan
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Comment (by eschnett):

 Thanks for the comments.

 1. Zeta is a scalar, so calling it Zeta4 seems strange. \[CapitalZeta] is
 a really strange variable name that I don't like (although it probably
 looks nice if one imports the script into the GUI). I'll use Z instead of

 2. These changes are not intentional. I'll go look.

 3. Ditto.

 4. We could. There is already a parameter choosing between the phi and W
 formulations of BSSN. And while we are making incompatible changes, I'd
 like to turn some of the real parameters choosing gauge conditions into
 integer parameters as well.

 4. I'll try.

 5. I didn't test. Since the extra code is not executed the effect should
 be small. If it is not small, then we can easily turn the run-time into a
 build-time parameter.

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