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#727: Test output changes every time some tests are run
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 Each time a new run of the test suites is performed, the test output of
 IDAxiOddBrillBH and QuasiLocalMeasures changes a little.  These changes
 are below the tolerances set in the test.ccl files, so the tests pass, but
 there should be no change at all when the tests are run on the same

 An example of the difference from one test run to the next is shown at

 Another example, from QuasiLocalMeasures, is at

 The only thorns to exhibit this behaviour are IDAxiOddBrillBH and
 QuasiLocalMeasures.  All other test data remains unchanged from one test
 run to the next.  Note that the two test runs will be performed with
 different executables, since a new configuration is created for each run.
 I think I remember testing that simply re-running the same executable
 resulted in the same test output.

 Is it possible that there are a small number of points which access
 uninitialised memory which changes on each run for these thorns?

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