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#681: LSUThorns/Vectors: Update Kranc-specific code
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Comment (by hinder):

 OK I see.  Would it make sense to change the conditional to #ifdef KRANC_C
 so that you can be sure you are only affecting Kranc thorns?  It might be
 that other header files also define E for their own purposes.  For Kranc-
 generated thorns, we can be fairly sure that this is not the case.

 Now that I think about it some more, why is this replacement handled here
 by macros?  Wouldn't it make more sense to have E -> ToReal[E] in Kranc
 when vectorisation is enabled (and similarly for Pi)?  Then Vectors would
 not need to know about a Kranc-specific symbol, and Kranc would be
 treating these constants just like it treats parameters (for example).

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