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#737: simfactory sync can lead to inconsistent builds
 Reporter:  rhaas       |       Owner:  eschnett
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 simfactory's sync command uses rsync with the --archive (-a) option. This
 option set the modification date of files on the target machine to that on
 the source machine. This can lead to inconsistent builds in the following

 [1] local: edit source_file.c
 [2] local: simfactory sync
 [3] local: edit source_file.c
 [4] remote: simfactory build
 [5] local: simfactory sync
 [6] remote: simfactory build

 [6] will not rebuild source_file.o since [5] set the modification time to
 that of [3] which which is older than [4] hence make will not consider
 source_file.o to be out-of-date.

 A simple fix is to add --no-times to the rsync options. Unfortunately this
 disables rsync's file modification time optimization and requires it to
 compute checksums on all files which can be very slow on slow filesystems.

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