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#1162: Slowdown due to gethostbyname
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Comment (by eschnett):

 Util_GetHostName is called by Formaline, and by Carpet's I/O routines. The
 latter call it for every file.

 Yes, caching its output (in Util_GetHostName) would make sense.

 An alternative would be to use MPI_Get_processor_name, if MPI is
 available. In fact, Carpet itself does not call Util_GetHostName any more
 because this may have led to crashes, possibly related to calling fork().

 Upon startup, Carpet determines the host names of all nodes, to see which
 MPI processes share a node. This is stored in a mapping (see file
 Hosts.cc); we could add a routine to return the current MPI processe's
 host name.

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