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#1168: simfactory rev 1677 fail to start on lonestar
  Reporter:  rhaas       |       Owner:  eschnett  
      Type:  defect      |      Status:  new       
  Priority:  blocker     |   Milestone:  ET_2012_11
 Component:  SimFactory  |     Version:            
Resolution:              |    Keywords:            

Comment (by rhaas):

 I do not get this error on the head node, only in the envsetup that runs
 on the staging node. In particular, if I add a "module avail" to envsetup
 then the output does not contain cuda:
 envsetup        = source /etc/profile.d/tacc_modules.sh && module avail &&
 module unload mvapich2 && module unload openmpi && module load TACC cuda

 Is it possible that we should not try to change the modules on the compute
 nodes but instead only on the head node before submission/compilation?

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