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Tue Nov 6 12:59:24 CST 2012

#434: Keep track of masked-out volume in CarpetMask
  Reporter:  eschnett     |       Owner:  eschnett  
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  review    
  Priority:  blocker      |   Milestone:  ET_2012_11
 Component:  Carpet       |     Version:            
Resolution:               |    Keywords:            

Comment (by rhaas):

 Current master of Carpet (incl. 1bdb022a5dec73500986edb41ea1c8e67c6c5fc5
 and 17845edc3640298238c742a51509be2423cd6373) shows neither of the issues
 anymore. These two commits I reviewed and they look ok. The others seem
 fine when just looking through them. All ok to be ported to the release
 branch I think.

 Ok to port into the release branch and close the ticket? I will run
 qc0-maclachlan.par to completion on zwicky to check that everything still

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