[ET Trac] [Einstein Toolkit] #68: GetComponents hang due to certificate issues.

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Wed Nov 7 11:11:49 CST 2012

#68: GetComponents hang due to certificate issues.
  Reporter:  diener@…            |       Owner:  eric9     
      Type:  defect              |      Status:  reopened  
  Priority:  major               |   Milestone:  ET_2012_11
 Component:  GetComponents       |     Version:  ET_2011_10
Resolution:                      |    Keywords:            

Comment (by knarf):

 The patch is rather long. I suggest to apply it only to trunk, to give it
 some time for tests there and then maybe apply it to the release branch

 Meanwhile I suggest to apply the patch GetComponents_svn_non-interactive
 which adds the option '--non-interactive' to two 'svn checkout' commands.
 This would then abort checkouts with certificate problems without user
 input, but the error message would at least be visible since GetComponents
 does not hang anymore.

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