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#1173: ExternalLibraries build environment problems
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 After updating to the latest hwloc in ExternalLibraries, I am running into
 trouble building it.  The error is

 ../libtool: line 6000: cd: NO_BUILD/lib: No such file or directory
 libtool: link: cannot determine absolute directory name of `NO_BUILD/lib'

 and I believe that this is caused by my having


 in my optionlist.  This causes the following variables to be set:


 and hwloc now has the following references to these variables in its
 configure.sh script:

         export HWLOC_PCI_CFLAGS="$(echo $(for dir in ${PCIUTILS_INC_DIRS}
 ${ZLIB_INC_DIRS}; do echo $dir; done | sed -e 's/^/-I/'))"
         export HWLOC_PCI_LIBS="$(echo $(for dir in ${PCIUTILS_LIB_DIRS}
 ${ZLIB_LIB_DIRS}; do echo $dir; done | sed -e 's/^/-L/') $(for dir in
 ${PCIUTILS_LIBS} ${ZLIB_LIBS}; do echo $dir; done | sed -e 's/^/-l/'))"

 The zlib configure.sh script has:

 # Set options
 if [ "${ZLIB_DIR}" = '/usr' -o "${ZLIB_DIR}" = '/usr/local' ]; then

 I am setting ZLIB_DIR to NO_BUILD and I am not setting ZLIB_INC_DIRS or
 ZLIB_LIB_DIRS because the linker can find the zlib library without any
 additional options, but it is not installed in /usr or /usr/local.  It is
 in fact in:
 I think eventually the correct solution, as Erik has suggested in the
 past, is to attempt to build a small program which uses the library to
 find out whether any extra options are needed.  In this case, this would
 succeed, and no variables would need to be set.

 As a simpler short-term solution, would it be correct to change the
 conditional to

 if [ "${ZLIB_DIR}" = '/usr' -o "${ZLIB_DIR}" = '/usr/local' -o
 "${ZLIB_DIR}" = 'NO_BUILD' ]; then

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