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#1173: ExternalLibraries build environment problems
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Comment (by hinder):

 I think this is two separate issues, but I also don't agree with your last
 statement.  In all cases, setting ZLIB_DIR = NO_BUILD would cause zlib to
 not be built, as far as I can tell.  Have I misunderstood?  The second
 patch corrects the issue that the search code isn't run for ZLIB_DIR =
 NO_BUILD and the first patch corrects the issue that ZLIB_INC_DIRS and
 ZLIB_LIB_DIRS are set to nonsensical values if ZLIB_DIR = NO_BUILD.  In
 any case, the search code isn't going to find this particular
 installation, so the second patch won't going to solve the original issue
 of this ticket.  I think both patches should be applied.

 There is much duplicated code/logic, much of which is incorrect,
 incomplete or inconsistent in the ExternalLibraries configuration scripts.
 This is not a surprising, since this was our first attempt at modularising
 the treatment of external libraries in Cactus.  At some point, we should
 factor out what is common, determine the best way of achieving it, and add
 it to the flesh, perhaps in the form of bash utility functions which can
 be called by configuration scripts.  But in the short term, for this
 specific issue, the above patches would be a useful stop-gap measure.

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